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Mobile Edge Graphite Laptop Cases for Professionals and Students Learn More

Graphite is the new Black!

With that in mind, Mobile Edge created the Graphite Line. We took seven of our most popular cases and redesigned them using a new premium ‘Graphite’ nylon. Combined with a fashion-inspired interior lining, the result is a collection of user proven products built specifically for the discriminating mobile computing consumer. When you really want to make your mark, choose Graphite!

Graphite Corporate Briefcase 16″ PC/17″ Mac

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$89.99 Tax

Graphite Nylon Briefcase 16″ PC/17″ Mac

$79.99 Tax
The Graphite Messenger-0
Available soon

Graphite Messenger 17.3″

$69.99 Tax

Graphite Express Backpack 16″ PC/17″ Mac

$69.99 Tax

Graphite SmartPack Backpack 16″ PC/17″ Mac

$59.99 Tax

Graphite Premium Backpack 17.3″

$119.99 Tax

Graphite Backpack 17.3″

$89.99 Tax
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